FILTR: An Innovative and Holistic Approach to Cleanroom Solutions with an Air Purifier...

FILTR: An Innovative and Holistic Approach to Cleanroom Solutions with an Air Purifier to Detect and Protect Your Air

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Climate change, and in more recent months the viral pandemic has been at the forefront of every international committee and government’s agenda. With the climate crisis finally becoming commonly accepted, not only does it increase the frequency and severity of natural disasters, but it also escalates ground-level particulate issues in our air. While the recent COVID-19 outbreak has brought more awareness to air particulate safety, decades of research and studies have long suggested that short- and long-term exposure to these air pollutants are closely associated with adverse health issues such as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. These effects are exacerbated in vulnerable populations, including those with pre-existing cardio-respiratory disorders, the elderly, and people working in hazardous work environments. As a result, several societal and occupational sectors are experiencing more complicated health problems more so than other traditionally healthy groups. Both the long-term climate crisis and the recent pandemic have drawn the attention of many innovators and pioneers, who have been diligently racing against the clock to reduce the harmful effects of indoor air pollution. Filtr by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions has made it their mission to use science and technology for the betterment of humanity. A leading supplier of real-time critical manufacturing monitoring and filtering air purifier systems, “Revolution Rx’s robust filtration mechanism is effective against all particle sizes, starting with the smallest viruses going upwards to some of the larger molds.” This according to Peter Maguire, Applications Sales Manager at FILTR and Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions.

“One of the challenges in the market was that most filtration systems only filter particles at 0.3 μm and above. If you look at more of the recent viruses such as Corona, H1N1, or Influenza, they all range in size from 0.08 to 0.16 micron,” explains Maguire.

Revolution Rx’s air purification units deliver 500-700 CFM of cleanroom grade air, filtering down to 0.01 μm through their cleanroom grade HEPA filter design. This is same technology used in Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Semiconductor, and Medical Device manufacturing industries, as well as other, more public-facing use cases such as hospital surgical suites.

Anti-Microbial, Revolution Rx includes a carbon option that eliminates odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the process. “Revolution Rx is capable of filtering out 99.95 percent of particles such as smoke, dusts and molds, bacteria, and viruses down to 0.01 micron,” adds Jason Hadley, Sales Engineer at FILTR. “The aim of the design was to bridge the gap between maximizing indoor air exchange rates, while delivering quiet operation. Additionally, Revolution Rx offers a non-board sensor suite, providing real-time tracking of Particle Mass (PM2.5—a standard measurement of poor air quality), VOCs, temperature, and humidity in the environment. These sensors continuously monitor your indoor environment and send data to the cloud to keep consumers informed of their air quality in near real time, allowing the historical data of your indoor space’s air quality to be recorded and accessible through your smartphone or device (from your air purifier unit).

Finally, with overall Risk Management a crucial component to any indoor air quality plan, another unique aspect of Revolution Rx product line is its ability to positively pressurize a room, as Hadley notes, “If air is blowing out, it’s preventing harmful pollutants from coming in. According to American Lung Association, “Every day, you breathe in just over 2,000 gallons of air—enough to almost fill up a normal-sized swimming pool.”

Revolution Rx brings indoor air quality awareness and education to customers across multiple industries, from the indoor agricultural and hospital sector to daycares and retirement communities. “The company focuses on using a holistic approach to cleaning the environment. We consult with customers on their specific requirements, so that we can offer additional support services based on our years of cleanroom knowledge,” explains Maguire. In response to overwhelming demand, FILTR is currently working on developing smaller and portable version of their current commercial-grade air purification unit. Maguire concludes, “Revolution Rx is exactly wrapped around our company’s desire to help mankind, and we’re continually developing products that have a positive impact on people’s health.”

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FILTR by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is a leading supplier of real-time contamination monitoring and filtering air purifier systems. We Detect and Protect to deliver cleanroom grade air to your space.