Top 10 Industrial Filtration Solution Companies - 2020
 Europlasma: Innovative Nano-Coating for a Safer, Greener World

Top 10 Industrial Filtration Solution Companies - 2020

From ultrafiltration to advanced bag and belt filtration systems, the realm of industrial filtration is ever-evolving. The current trends in this increasingly globalized market revolve around obtaining best-in-class technology solutions and tools to gain a competitive advantage and acquiring all relevant assets to keep in pace with today’s rapid industrialization and urbanization. Organizations participating in the field have also begun focusing their efforts on the development of various multi-pronged software and hardware solutions to meet existing and predicted market demands. However, currently, enterprises in the areas of metalworking, glassworks, construction, automotive, and aerospace produce large amounts of fine particles, cutting fluids or oils while conducting their daily processes. And, managing and purifying such quantities of pollutants often poses to be an arduous task.

To help organizations tackle various filtration challenges effectively and affordably, Manufacturing Technology Insights’ editorial board has compiled a list of the most prominent companies that offer pioneering technology solutions in the industry. Led by teams of distinguished industry professionals, these organizations provide best-in-class filtration technology to leverage in various sectors, including food, starch, and sugar industries, to reduce downtime and deliver better quality products.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’, “Top 10 Industrial Filtration Solution Providers – 2020.”

    Top Industrial Filtration Solution Companies

  • Europlasma provides innovative nano-coating solutions based on low-pressure plasma technology for the filtration industry

  • FILTR by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is a leading supplier of real-time contamination monitoring and filtering air purifier systems. We Detect and Protect to deliver cleanroom grade air to your space.

  • Provides solutions for oil filtration and purification that extends the life of commercial frying oil and improves overall product quality and consistency

  • Critical Process Filtration

    Critical Process Filtration

    Critical Process Filtration strive to be the first choice for filtration products by delivering technical expertise and solutions that lead clients to success. More than twenty years after its inception, Critical Process Filtration continues to be a leading filtration manufacturer for major corporations in many industries. As a Made in the USA manufacturer, they employ talent that prides themselves on making, assembling and delivering quality products faster. Their technical team engages with customers daily to provide insight and expertise that translates into satisfied clients with successful operations

  • Filter Holdings

    Filter Holdings

    Filter Holdings, Inc. is a premier manufacturer and distributor of expertly crafted premium filter bags and high performance industrial filtration products for air, gas and liquid filtration. We focus on the needs of companies with industrial processing operations who require long-lasting, premium quality filtration solutions. They offer premium filter bags for standard filtration needs such as collection, control and recovery of product or dusts, and filter bags and filtration products for gas and liquid filtration. They also produce filters for challenging requirements such as filtration of high temperature air streams, static sensitive air/dust mixtures, chemically reactive or corrosive agents, or sub-micron and fine particles

  • Filtration Group

    Filtration Group

    Filtration Group provides filtration solutions that succeeded in making them a world-wide provider in compressors, oil and gas, water and wastewater filtration, pollution control, mobile equipment, industrial machinery, industrial air and hydraulics Filtration Group is on a mission to make the world safer, healthier and more productive. With a passionate workforce, global footprint and world class engineering and manufacturing capabilities, they are driving innovation and developing solutions across a broad spectrum of applications in the fast-growing global filtration industry. Filtration Group is committed to maintaining an entrepreneurial culture built on a foundation of trust and in which our leaders exhibit a strong bias for action

  • Freudenberg Filtration Technologies

    Freudenberg Filtration Technologies

    Freudenberg Filtration Technologies provides a wide range of air, gas and liquid solutions. They serve customers in Automotive, Industrial and Consumer industries with technically cutting-edge products and system solutions as well as unique services in air and water filtration. As part of the Freudenberg Group with over 40,000 employees worldwide, our business activities are guided by strong corporate values and outstanding quality standards

  • LiqTech International

    LiqTech International

    LiqTech is a leader in the development, manufacturing and supply of revolutionary silicon carbide ceramic technology for the purification of liquids and gasses. They specialize in three main business areas: Diesel Particulate filters (DPF) for the control of soot from diesel engines, turnkey ceramic membranes systems and complete water treatment plants. In essence, LiqTech was created out of the need for new technologies to meet ever-increasing demands for cleaner air and cleaner water. LiqTech was born from a vision that technology companies with the right products and management could deliver sustainable profits and growth

  • Porex


    Porex Corporation is a time-tested market leader in porous materials development, manufacturing, and innovation. Throughout the years they've helped some of the best ideas in the healthcare, consumer, and industrial markets become reality – and delivered the high-quality products our customers rely on to maintain their reputation and support their bottom line. From their international facilities, they use their state-of-the-art technologies to design, manufacture, and deliver the porous plastic products that make life better for millions around the world

  • Transor Filter

    Transor Filter

    Transor introduced its unique edge filtration technology in the early 1970’s. Originally offered for EDM die-sinker applications, the benefits provided soon were utilized by both end users and OEMs alike. As the company grew, it expanded into the tool & cutter grinding field. Transor’s One Micron Filtration was ideally suited to filter carbide and HSS material and in short order, the Transor became the preferred form of filtration globally. In the following years, Transor expanded into other areas including lapping, honing, superfinishing, centerless grinding and other precision machining applications. Due to providing such a fine level of filtration and being a virtually maintenance free system, thousands of units are employed in over 30 countries