The Dallas Group of America, Inc.: Maximizing the Life of Frying Oil

The Dallas Group of America, Inc.: Maximizing the Life of Frying Oil

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Fast food and fried snacks are some of the top on-thego options for the current generation. These food products, whether cooked in a restaurant or on an industrial scale, require large amounts of frying oil. Over time and with continued use, the quality of frying oil begins to degrade. Present-day quick-service restaurants and industrial frying operations require a foolproof oil filtration solution that enhances the purification process for improved food quality and lower operational costs. Catering to this need is The Dallas Group of America, a New Jersey-based company that provides two core edible oil filtration adsorbents, MAGNESOL® and DALSORB®, to cost-effectively extend the life of frying oil.

“Instead of replacing frying oil frequently, we maintain the oil quality for a more consistent food product,” says Steve Sullivan, Director of Industrial Sales (Americas) at The Dallas Group. “Our clients save 4-8 times of their oil costs with our highly effective powderbased solutions.”

Filter paper, screens, or cartridges can only remove crumbs and debris. In order to best maintain high-quality frying oil, it is not only necessary to remove the debris but also the degradation byproducts. MAGNESOL® and DALSORB® remove undesirable compounds like off-flavors, odors, off- colors, free fatty acids, and polar contaminants from edible oils to reduce or eliminate oil discard while improving overall product quality.

Our clients save 4-8 times of their oil costs with our highly effective powder-based adsorbent solutions

Both MAGNESOL® and DALSORB® are recognized as safe by regulatory agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Both products are also kosher and halalcertified.

“Our well-defined customer onboarding process helps us create a cost-saving analysis of their business based on the discard rate (amount of oil discarded in a year, month, or week),” mentions Sullivan. The Dallas Group takes a consultative approach during the implementation of adsorbents into the customer environment. Firstly, they will identify the causes behind any degradation in the customers’ oil quality by collecting samples for analysis. The Dallas Group of America maintains a state-of-the-art laboratory staffed by degreed chemists, engineers, and technicians in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Once all testing and trials are concluded, they will make recommendations for oil management protocols that can be easily integrated with existing standard operating procedures. The Dallas Group also provides training and global field support to ensure that customers receive the expected improvements in oil quality and overall cost savings.

To serve its global customer base, The Dallas Group operates manufacturing and packaging facilities in the United States, the Netherlands, and China. The company’s production facilities are GMP-certified, ensuring that all products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

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The Dallas Group of America, Inc.

The Dallas Group of America, Inc.

Whitehouse, NJ

Steve Sullivan, Director of Industrial Sales (Americas)

Provides solutions for oil filtration and purification that extends the life of commercial frying oil and improves overall product quality and consistency